It Seems That For That Fact That Never Nobody Told To Me Not Even One Word It Was Easier To Spend A Lot Of Years Around The CIA's Rebus. In Italy Only One Person Named The Secret Services In Front Of Me Telling, To Another Person: In Rimini I Have Found The Secret Services, Around The 1995.

After Many Years Of Troubles, 01 Of January 2007, On The Finish Of November 2012, Thinking To My Father That Was a Militar, I Have Thought For The First Time The Name Secret Services, But Inside The Militar Contests. Since The 2013 I Can Say That Started The CIA's Rebus.


The Bonfanti Family Did a Lot To Make Me Understand The Name Secret Services But I Never Was Realizing The Name Secret Services.

Now I Know That ... Pensarci 10 Volte ... Means The Number 2 Giuffrida Mestre.



Ja Secret Services.

Since One Hundred Years Russia, Italy, etc ... Live The Terror Of The Ja Secret Services That Are Telling We Are The Japaneses, We Are The Italians, We Are The USA, We Are Spanish, We Are The Comunists, We Are The Fascists, We Are The Nazists, We Are The Church, We Are The State, We Are The Reuter Photographer, We Are The Doctor, We Are The Secretary Of The Doctor, We Are The Pharmacist, etc ...

I Have Never Drunked a Glass Of Wine, I Have Never Saw The Face Of One Photographer And In Italy I Have Listened The Name Servizi Segreti Only One Time 30 Years Ago ...

An Austrian Policeman Showed To Me That With This Germans There Is Only To Walk On The Line In The Middle Of The Street In The Evening ...

Axe Eugene = A c'e' a Cena.

A x

Pink Floyd Carefull With That Axe Eugene ... Maybe Since The Film Professione Reporter Of Michelangelo Antonioni ...

Jack Nicholson, Maria Schneider, Steven Berkoff, Jenny Runacre, Ian Hendry, June 18, 1975.

I Have Never Known Not Even One Professional Photographer In All My Life, Ansa, Reuter, Top Models, Nature, Macro, Panoramas, Not One, Never.

I Have Never Met a Photographer, I Have Never Watched The Face Of One Photographer In All My Life. Not Even One Friend Of Mine Became a Photographer. If Some Photographer Says To Be a Friend Of Mine Is A Lier, A German And a Secret Agent. He Is Just Doing The Song Carefull With That Axe Eugene And The Film Professione Reporter.


CIA SS STASI CEKA KGB Of Montecatini Halle

The Romanov Falsification, Around 1935.


N. 1 Mr. Fantastic Pongo Hagen Of Germany.


Probably In Italy There Is An High Number Of Hagen Phenotypes Respect To Other Countries.

Mr.Pier Paolo Pasolini Hagen, Mr. Maurizio Costanzo Hagen, Mr. Gianni Mina' Folke, Mr. Toto' Antonio De Curtis Hagen, Mr. Diego Armando Maradona Hagen + Mr. Paolo Villaggio Lucescu + Mr. Enrico Maria Salerno. While The Phenotype INS STR Are Directly Linked With The CEKA Police Chiefs Other Phenotypes With Less Powership Can Be Linked With The AUT Phenotype, Such As S. Berlusconi, Or With The Hitler Phenotype Or With The Mike Bongiorno Phenotype.


Street Activism 1920.

In The 70's They Wanted To Show That The Street Activism That Changed The World Around The 1920 Was Unrepeatable. During The Period Of The Street Activism Mr. Hagen Had The Phenotype Of Mr. Pier Paolo Pasolini But In The Second Moment During The Period Of The Offices And The Doctors Became Similar To That One Of Mr. Maurizio Costanzo.



Is Seems That The Dwarf Girls In Russia Were Uglies But With a Simphatic Expression As Many Comic Actors, Charlie Chaplin, Buster Keaton, etc ... The Italian Actor Toto' Is Similar To mr. Maurizio Costanzo, Is Also Similar To Mr. Robert Vaughn But Is Also Similar To The STR INS Girls Of The Romanov Falsification.

N.2 Giuffrida Mestre Phenotype Is Similar To Fernando Sancho 2022, Mircea Lucescu 2022, Paolo Villaggio 2022, Robert Vaughn 2021. 9 Billions On Pubblications For Nothing Since The 2021. Below The Images Of The CIA's Number 2 Published On The May 2021.

N.2 Body Guard 27 May 2021, Today He Is a Kendo Black Belt.


N.2 Sorriso Sardonico 02 May 2021.



Mike Va The Halle Montecatini International Research Home Center Of Mike Romanov, Founded 2023.09.11. Snow Angel Bulldogs 2000, The Original Bulldog Club 2004, The Bull Dog International Research Home Center 2007, LAVALA, AIS, The Psychological International Research Home Center.

This Page Includes More Than 9 Months Of Daily Works Since I Have Started The New Page Of Striker On The 01 Of January 2023 That Was So Nice To Become The New


http_www_the-psychology_com15April2023.gif usa.gif
2 Millions And Half Web Site.
Halle-Animated20Sept2023.gif Montecatini-Animated20Sept2023.gif
The Graphics Of The Page Are Of The Beginning Of The 2023. The Contents Are Updated On September 20, 2023. My Last Work Is The New Blogger Network With 22 Chapters And 22 Domains That Includes Four Months Of Work, 20 May 2023 - 20 September 2023.


I Have Choiced 22 Domains, I Have Build At Least 100 Animated Graphics .gif And I Have Published Original Contents Without Helps From Nobody, Needing Four Months Of Time.

The First Two Months Were More Addressed To The Domains And To The Graphics And The Last Two Months Were More Addressed To The Production Of Original Contents.

For Original Contents The Last Edition, 20 July 2023 - 20 September 2023, Starts With The Chapter 17, 18, 19, etc ... And Concludes With The Chapter 16.

International Anti Fascist Party Of Mike Romanov, To Vendict Alexander and Tony Romanov, Founded On The 02th Of June 2023, Friday.
Costanzo-Animated20Sept2023.gif Gianni-Mina-Animated20Sept2023.gif

Enrico-Maria-Salerno20Sept2023.gif Fernando-Sancho20Sept2023.gif



Contents Chronologic Order:


1 - 17) 15 Luglio 2023h14.25

2 - 18) Luglio 2023h15.08

3 - 19) 19 Luglio 2023h02.47

4 - 20) 19 Luglio 2023h02.54

5 - 21) 19 Luglio 2023h12.31

6 - 22) 19 Luglio 2023h12.34


1) 22.4.2023h_10Rome

2) 24.05.2023h19.09_Dublin


4) 16 May 2023h00.42

5) 24.05.2023h19.05_Dublin

6) 23 May 2023

7) 23 May 2023

8) 23 May 2023 h13.48_Dublin

9) On Line13 may 2923

10) - On Line 30Apr2023h5

11) 11.05.2023

12) 16 May 2023h00.47

13) FD 23 May 2023h13.54_Dublin - 24may2023

14) 24.05.2023h19.35_Dublin - 26 May 2023

15) 24.05.2023h19.47_Dublin - 27 may 2023

16) 23 May 2023


Main Arguments Of The Work 20 July 2023 - 20 September 2023.

CIA SS STASI CEKA KGB Halle Montecatini.

N. 1 Mister Fantastic Pongo Hagen Of Germany

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SHE EVO: The Falsification Of The Photo Of The Family Of Nicholas II, Inserting Dark Eyes, That Changed Russia And The Rest Of The World Into Dark Eyes, Around The 1935, Projected Since The Beginning Of The CEKA Police Ascent.

Here Are The True Romanov Eyes With Nicholas Phenotype.

The Halle Phenotype.

In My Opinion Mr. Pier Paolo Pasolini And Mr. Maurizio Costanzo Are The Italians More Representative Of The N. 1 Mister Fantastic Pongo Hagen Of Germany.

I-Means-Russian-Language.gif E-Means-German-Language.gif U-Means-American-Language.gif O-Means-Italian-Language.gif A-Means-French-Language.gif CIA-N2-Roader04Apil2023z.gif primaryImageOfPage10Apr2023.jpg Mike-Romanov-1962z381.gif

Here Is The CIA' s Black Belt Of Kendo Making Kendo With a Farmer Machine. Showing The Kendo Precision And The Main Strikes: Head, Throat, Liver And Hands On September 2009. In My Opinion Showing Also The Accidental Death Of Mr. Pier Paolo Pasolini Under The Bumber Of The Car In The Periphery Of Rome 50 Years Ago.

Vito-Pesce-Lieutenant-Niguarda-Bresso.gif CIA-Arnold-Mohr-Monumental-Cemetery.gif Clessidra10Apr2023h15.gif UppercaseMon10Apr2023h15.gif At-Milan-a-Mortal-Common11Apr2023z35.gif Luogotenente-Vito-Pesce-Nig-Br.gif CIA-In-France-Everything-Is-Possible.gif Capo-Rene-Vallanzasca-Com-Cor.gif


CIA-Autonomous-In-France08Apr2023z1.gif CIA-In-France-No-Permission08Apr2023z1.gif ADS-Abortive-Distancing-Strategy.gif MiniVip-Of-Bruno-Bozzetto29March2023z.gif Cadaques05Apr2023z1.gif

CIA-Hinden-Jet-Set02Apr2023.gif CIA-Barracks-Men31March2023z1.gif CIA-Bisticciosua-Saint-Tropez.gif RueNeruda-02-04-2023h12PalmSunday.gif N2-Stradivarius-04apr2023z1.gif CIA-Rue-Pablo-Neruda02Apr2023z35.gif CIA-English-Common29March2023z35.gif Mazzola-Middle-Hola25March2023z35.gif BottleWithCap27-03-2023z57.gif Beaver-Collar28March2023.gif Glass-With-Handle-East-Germany29March2023.gif Mustard-And-Hedge29March2023.gif Overbearance3Constant29March2023z53.gif ToKeepBottlesClosed27March2023z53.gif Cellar-East-Germany27March2023z35.gif CIAClover26-03-2023h23z87.gif CIA-Kleeblatt-26-03-2023h23z35.gif CIATrifoglio26Mar2023h23.gif CIA-Trefle26-03-2023H23-50z83.gif Prussian-Reserve27-03-2023z35.gif CIASquats-Gottfried-Lucescu.gif

No-House-No-CIA25March2023.gif Input-Fasullo-Florida27March2023.gif CIA-Karaka-Maori26-03-2023h23.gif CIABichetFrisonLucescu.gif Erich-Honecker27March2023.gif CIATrebol26-03-2023h23.gif Message-In-The-Bottle27March2023z37.gif EG-Nazionalism-Of-Revenge.gif Willy-Brandt-Hindenburg26-03-2023z35.gif EastGermanySecretRedArmy25-03-2023.gif Back-Garden9dec2022.gif xxbannercenter9.gif

Medicines Ad Hoc.

The Medicine Writers: CIA's Can Recognize The Writing Of The Medicines Giving Individual Medicines In The Pharmacy.


Working Always With The Error Of Place In Germany.

The More Used Is The Error Of Place In Germany During The Octuber Fest.

Also The G.P. Of Monza Contains Misterious Elaborations.

Romanov-Aut-Str-Ins-2023-Sept-04z53.png the-psychology-com-2023-feb-22z49.jpg the-psychology-com22feb2023z53.gif Ciaiei2023-Feb-18z3.jpg

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Other Arguments Of The 22 Chapters.

Banzai Bahn Sai.

Islands Hagen Community

Hiroshima = Russia.

Hiroshima = Anastasia Romanov.

Nagasaky = USA.

Nagasaky = Alessandro Romanov.

Halle And Montecatini, The Relation With The Neighbourhood: Dresda And The Emilia - Romagna.

The Film The Nazist Is In Original Language.

The Importance Of The Japanese Camouflage To Subjugate The Russians.

The Cogoleto Joachim Von Ribbertrop Nostalgia

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